December 6, 2019

"Without a doubt the best service i have ever, ever, encountered. Charlie and Jeff were amazing. Really, these guys were just great!!"
May 21, 2019

"I was told that I gave you a bad report review I don't remember doing such a thing I would never do that friend of mine came to you I was with him you did his seat for his Harley and he is very happy and if I have any upholstery work to be done I will bring it to you first thing I am very sorry for whoever did this it wasn't me my phone was hacked"
March 30, 2019

"I am an aircraft broker/owner. Jeff and his staff do excellent work using quality materials. I have worked with AMA since 2000. Currently they are reupholstering my Mooney seats in leather."
June 4, 2018

Stand up comedian

"I own a 1989 Mooney 201. This plane is how I get to my shows and flights of 5-7 hours are NOT uncommon. Jeff Records worked over my pilot seat, fit the specialized foam to conform with my back. The results were incredible. Even after a very long cross country flight, I am comfortable. Important to know that some years ago I had back surgery. Thank you Jeff."
May 21, 2018


"Excellent job. Stayed on time a budget. Jeff had great ideas and made everything look very professional. I've had a lot of upholstery done in this town and these people are the best and I might add very friendly. All my work will go to them from now on."